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Amy Bernard California Closets KS184 Kansas City Senior Design Consultant

Amy Bernard

Senior Design Consultant

For over a decade my job has been to organize people’s lives. Every time that I go into someone’s home, see how they live their lives, and find out together how I can make a difference, this job becomes more and more impactful. The transitions in life bring me joy, whether downsizing, adding a new member to the family, remodeling a current home or moving to Kansas City to begin a new chapter, each situation means something and I’m thrilled to be a part of them all. Multipurpose spaces such as Murphy Wallbed, Desk, Entertainment type areas are my favorite! Really thinking through how the space will function, how my client will interact with it on a daily basis provides a challenge that utilizes my Interior Architecture degree on a level that I had no idea existed when I was at Kansas State University many years ago. Adjustability, Adequate Lighting, and Finish make our product the choice that stands out and lasts. Timeless design, Wonderful people on our team, and Repeat Customers that turn into friends are why I love my job!