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Ashley Leubecker California Closets Raleigh North Carolina Customer Liaison

Ashley Leubecker

Customer Liaison

My journey to California Closets started with a career shift from childcare to my true passion – design. It all began when I visited a home designed by one of our designers and was blown away by her passion and skill. From there, I knew I had to be a part of this welcoming and growth-oriented family. In my time with California Closets, I've learned that success is about fulfilling my responsibilities each day and ensuring that every customer's needs are met. I love welcoming customers into our showroom and showcasing the incredible products and designs we have to offer. It's fulfilling to see their excitement grow as they learn more about what we can do for them. In my role, I handle various tasks, from scheduling appointments for designers to ensuring a clean and inviting atmosphere in the showroom. Working in the showroom alongside talented designers has been an incredible experience, and I genuinely enjoy every moment of it, especially interacting with our wonderful customers.