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Brandi Berryhill, Design Consultant | California Closets

Brandi Berryhill

Design Consultant

I opened my own high fashion business in 2001. That has blessed me with 16 years of knowledge in the business of architecture, beauty, production in all aspects, home decor, organization, interior design and business relationships. Each one of my client’s projects, whether small or big, becomes a part of my dream to better people’s lives. It gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge of organization and design to whomever reaches out. I’ve learned throughout the years that styles and motifs change. That is why I love designing for California Closets. We always make sure to have the most current textures, colors and materials. I am always aware of my client’s needs, wants, and dreams. I love going to work each day and solving everyday problems. We all need to be able to concentrate on what is most important in life. My goal is to succeed in all aspects of my businesses and make strong dependable relationships along the way.