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Charity Riley California Closets OR019 Portland Executive Sales and Design Consultant

Charity Riley

Executive Sales & Design Consultant

What is one of your favorite spaces to design and why? I love to design Pantry’s. I just love the different ways that they can be used. So often the design is so impactful on the person especially when the space is small What do you love about California Closets? I love that our teammates really care about the customer and their experience. Our value is not just in the product we provide but, in the care, we take in providing it. What piece of advice would you give someone who is trying to organize their home or business? Start with the spaces you have been unhappy with. Don’t try and tackle everything at once. What is something in Portland/Oregon that you couldn’t live without? The Sunshine. What are your qualifications/what is your education obtained? Experience in merchandising, Education in design Where do you find inspiration? I like to take inspiration from up-cyclers. I love how they use the vintage and combine it with the now. What’s the most interesting piece of art you’ve seen? I work with a lot of artists. I once fell in love immediately with a piece tucked away in a client’s house, her own work. She was so happy that I loved it so much that she gifted it to me. It now hangs in my home, and it sparks joy every day. What does your design process look like? I take time asking a lot of questions. Even questions that don’t seem relevant can be. It’s not just about the needs of the customer, but the feeling they provide. This allows me to design most spaces in very little time but with detail to what my client has requested.