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Dan Irwin California Closets Raleigh North Carolina Post-Production Manager

Dan Irwin

Post-Production Manager

Before joining the California Closets family, I spent over 20 years in the automotive industry, where I honed my skills as a service manager and ops director. When it comes to fulfilling orders, my approach is all about meticulous attention to detail. I start by thoroughly reviewing each order, then carefully pulling special items one by one while keeping track of each step. Once everything is pulled, I make sure to double-check the list for accuracy and quality assurance. One thing that makes the California Closets installation team special is our ability to complement each other's strengths. We prioritize clear communication and are provided with all the necessary tools to succeed. Plus, everyone on the team shows mutual respect and support. While fulfilling orders, the main challenge I face is when vendors experience delays. However, with effective communication and teamwork, we're able to tackle any obstacle that comes our way. It's of paramount importance to me to pay attention to the details and follow through on expectations.