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Dana Jones

Dana Jones

Design Consultant

I love to get to know my clients. Often I find a common connection which makes for a great working relationship. I am careful to be a great listener as I want to make sure that I always respect the wishes of my clients. I have been a designer with California Closets since September 2002. I absolutely love my job! It is incredibly suited to my strengths and affords me the opportunity to share my strengths with others. I see each space as a puzzle that I have been chosen to solve within the parameters given by the client. I take it very seriously. I want to know that our client – who lives with my solution – has the best design suited for the space and their lifestyle. I love that California Closets offers products with a look and style for everyone. I am honored to work with a company whose product adds such happiness to the lives of our clients. I will never get tired of hearing the excited amazement of our clients after their installation.