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Elizabeth Jackson California Closets NC165 Greensboro Design Consultant

Elizabeth Jackson

Design Consultant

Having received my bachelor’s degree from UNC Greensboro and equipped with a background in architecture, I have extensive experience in designing spaces with both aesthetic beauty and functionality in mind. I seek to bring a unique approach to my work. My style leans towards traditional, but it’s always nice when you can combine different looks to create a one-of-a-kind space. I love getting to work closely with all types of clients. Some are first-time homeowners and others are renovating a property they’ve lived in for years. There’s always a story behind the project and sometimes that helps lead our design choices. Design is always a conversation, and I’m fortunate in my role that I get to speak directly with the people who will be enjoying my work every day. Good design helps us organize not only our physical space but also our mental and emotional space, and I believe that’s what we’re doing for our clients on a deeper level.