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Emily Haradon

Senior Design Consultant + Design Lead

I am a lifelong advocate for all things organization, and have a background in graphic design within the construction industry. Early on, I found that my professional purpose is to create systems and tools to make a difference for people, but little did I know that this statement would be so literal when I began working with California Closets in 2015! Once I experienced my first 3D rendering in the California Closets CAD program, I could see how exciting it is to bring a new design concept to life. 7 years later, I still enjoy embarking on each and every new project as no two clients, families or homes are alike. With unlimited design options and the best accessories in the business, the possibilities are endless. A project of any type may sound daunting too some, but I am here to guide you thru the process in a way that works at your pace, as well as within your style, needs and budget. I do all of this, because I understand what a difference an organized home can make, and it’s my hope that our work together, will allow you to enjoy having more time to focus on what matter most to you and your family. I look forward to working with you! .