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Erin Kelly California Closets NC154 Charlotte Design Consultant

Erin Kelly

Design Consultant

From Erin’s experience of growing up as part of a small family business to her extensive career as a Marketing executive working with leading global consumer brands, she has always sought to marry the right client with the best products. When she was seeking transition from a corporate career back to her roots of one-on-one experiential services, she felt she could have only joined one team…California Closets. Choosing to shift to expressing her creative side through a passion for organization and design, she feels fortunate to be a part of another leading global brand, and now one that owns the intersection of beautifully designed and functional organization! This shift for Erin meant putting her weekend “hobby” of assisting family and friends with their design and organizational needs in to practice and feels it is beyond fulfilling to help clients with both their stated needs, as well as uncovering their unspoken needs. California Closets wide breadth of offerings means there truly is not a space she can’t enhance or make more efficient, so those limitless opportunities make approaching every project exciting and rewarding for her. As a Design Consultant with the California Closets Charlotte team, Erin feels fortunate to be working with a company with a similar philosophy as her multi-generational small family business – loyalty is earned through exceeding service and quality expectations. Have fun collaborating with Erin putting all the puzzle pieces together for any size space you would like to transform through designed organization!