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Jenalyn Mangosing California Closets VA153 Virginia Design Consultant

Jenalyn Mangosing

Sales and Design Manager

I always like to say that design chose me. For ten years, I worked with special needs children and design was always a hobby for me. I eventually got to the point when I could not push off the opportunity to pursue a career in design and turn my passion into a profession. When I first started designing for customers, all I had was my design instinct and an unparalleled work ethic. My clients have described me as down-to-earth, easy to communicate with, professional, and extremely hard-working. I pride myself on my ability to truly hear what my clients need and build that vision into their home. Every job is a new adventure with exciting design challenges and fresh faces. Being a trusted partner throughout the entire process from start to finish and turning each client’s vision into reality is irreplaceably rewarding. I believe that an organized home lifts a stressful burden from a family and leaves more space — mentally and physically — for them to enjoy the sweeter parts of life together.