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Jennifer Krueger I California Closets

Jennifer Krueger

Design Consultant

I've been obsessed with interior design since the age of 11, and began working toward that degree in 1989, using the first version of CAD and drawings mostly by hand. I believe that our surroundings effect our health and happiness - natural materials and order sooth the mind and create space for us to concentrate on life. A beautiful organized home creates a sense of peace and pride. I love bringing these feelings to my clients and improving their lives. I enjoy meeting a wide variety of clients and delving into their lives. Going into someone's closet is a very personal thing and I consider it an act of trust to allow a stranger into their spaces. I do without judgement (we've all been there) and thoroughly enjoy leaving clients not only satisfied, but EXCITED about their new sense of calm and joy in their lives. In the end, people are what matters. Closets are fabulous puzzle pieces and I love the challenges that come with this particular space. Analyzing inventory and accounting for each piece is part of the puzzle and something most companies don't take the time to do, the way CC does. But as a designer, I also love creating solutions for the living area, where the family hangs out together, creating solutions for everyone.