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Lauren LaBrusciano, California Closets, NY146, Design Consultant

Lauren LaBrusciano

Design Consultant

As a designer at California Closets, I love bringing form and function into people’s homes. I believe that home should be a place of calm and refuge. The easiest way to achieve that is by having a designated space for all your belongings. I take pride in meeting with clients, listening to their needs, looking at their space and mapping out a plan to build an area they will love. Prior to working at California Closets I had a career in the fashion industry. As a Merchandiser for a jewelry company, I spent years building brands that were in line with target customer demographics. Working at California Closets has allowed me to blend my love of interiors, my passion for organizing, and my knack for spatial design to work with customers directly in building spaces that are not only beautiful but functional as well.