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Lydia Cornell California Closets Columbus Design Consultant

Lydia Cornell

Design Consultant

Why did you decide to work for California Closets? I decided to work for California Closets after going on my first ride along with one of the designers. I had a great experience on this ride along and was able to see how the designer interacted with her client and the relationship she built with that client. During that ride along, I saw how much of a difference we as designers can truly make in a person’s life. It made me realize how much I want to help clients with all of their organizational needs and how great it is to develop that special relationship with them. What is your education background? I went to school at Ohio University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. I also had an internship with Judith Politi design where I mostly worked with AutoCAD and Sketchup software’s designing spaces in clients’ homes, and offices. During this Internship I also worked on some commercial design as well. What is your design style? I am pretty fond of a lot of design styles. However, one particular style that I always find myself drawn to is a modern Victorian style with dark, moody tones.