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Marco Gonzalez Designer California Closets NY032 Suffolk County

Marco Gonzalez

Design Consultant

As a designer for California Closets, it has allowed me to meet new people from all walks of life and has given me the opportunity to learn and understand an individuals’ goals and dreams. I have a strong background in Construction Mechanics With over 10 years in the Remodeling Industry. I have seen all phases of construction from foundation, framing, sheathing, flooring, siding, door & window treatments, roofing, water management, and finished products in the home to name a few. Previous to California Closets I was a Remodeling Consultant with over Half a Million dollars in sales volume per year. At a young age, I was keen to design, from sketching homes in my room, to how structures bear weight, and how we can help the environment be cleaner through natural design and Eco-Friendly products. My passion is to help homeowners increase the value of their home, while simultaneously designing a space that is efficient, functional, and beautiful in every sense. I strongly believe that in order to do good, the only thing we need is willpower.