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Mariaelena Robles

Mariaelena Robles

Design Consultant

I look forward to giving my clients new and exciting solutions to their storage needs, so they can relax and enjoy more time in and away from home. I also like helping families regain control of their space. One of my favorite challenges is finding an exciting and simple solution for people that don’t think it’s possible. I’m really passionate about our product especially when I see the finished system. When my client is happy then I’m happy. Closets and storages DON’T have to only be spaces where you simply hang clothes or stack shoe boxes. Let’s put your vision and my design to WORK! Love the simplicity and function of your home or office with a customized solution. Ask my husband…. I am a neat freak! I love finding creative solutions for every space not just in my home. I believe that when seasons change, moods change, therefore, needs change as well. I enjoy meeting with my clients and discovering their challenges. Being able to provide solutions and a little peace of mind is MY PRIORITY.