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Mary Abshire California Closets LA017 Emerald Coast Design Consultant

Mary Abshire

Design Consultant

Mary joined California Closets in 2016 and believes the key to organization is in the Math: Space vs Needs. She loves to create order first, then add the details and elements to make them beautiful and comfortable. As an only girl with 5 brothers, she grew up putting things in their places, or at least trying to! She’s raised 5 kids and organization has been a fundamental part of her life, serving her well when managing all the accumulations you gather in life’s journey. “Working with people is the best part of designing; By creating solutions and bringing order or simplicity to their homes, I’m giving light and comfort to someone’s life. It’s a gift and a reward all its own”. She particularly loves the new “Everstyle” line, exclusive to California Closets. Mary resides in Pensacola and serves all along the Gulf Coast. In addition to her Design career with California Closets, she is the chief caretaker of her mother in her late 80’s and is very active in local community and networking groups.