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Millie Adler

Millie Adler

Design Consultant

I have been with California Closets since 2006 and I come to work with a smile on my face every day. My career in closet organization began at a very early age. As a young girl, I’d reorganize my clothing, grouping items by category. My mother was so proud that she’d show my closet off to friends and family. Who could have known that a career was starting from such humble beginnings? I graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology years later, continuing down my chosen path. I now have four children of my own and I fully embrace the importance of having things organized. The facet of the job that I love the most is interacting with customers and working through design challenges with them. It’s important to give people options and then collaborate on the editing process to find the solution that is going to fit their needs and spaces. Simplicity is key. Complex installations will not help the customer in the long run. As one of my design instructors always said, “Less is more.” If a design flourish doesn’t serve the overall goal, it needs to go. I truly enjoy working with people and their best interests are paramount. When a storage solution is installed and the customer is thrilled, I have accomplished my job. What a wonderful feeling.