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Naomi Carter California Closets LA017 New Orleans Design Consultant

Naomi Carter

Senior Design Consultant

Naomi found a home at California Closets in 2010 and it was a perfect fit. As a person that has naturally been inclined to seek order from chaos, combined with her passion for fashion and design, she has spent the last 10 years helping clients find peace in their spaces. Naomi has worked on projects at every level, from the smallest of spaces like random nooks, to expansive collaborations that were years in the making. Her design work was noticed and published in California Closets’ magazine Ideas of Order. Several of her designs have been featured in a national commercial campaign for California Closets called Client Stories, where her and her longtime client talked about the many projects they had completed together over the years. She believes that a glamorous space is one that is organized. “It’s not always about adding in everything into the space, the simplest of designs actually take more effort than you think, and those spaces really are timeless.” While Naomi spends most of her time working with clients that have been referred to her expertise from previous clients, she also continues to collaborate with leading trade partners throughout the Gulf Coast. Her favorite part of what she does is seeing the transformation not only in the space, but in how her Clients feel about the project. Her ability to turn stress into joy through collaboration and the evolution of a vision keeps her passion flowing.