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Norma Zagreda, Westchester, NY, California Closets

Norma Zagreda

Design Consultant

The corner of organized and happy is where you can find me, it’s where I live! When I was in college, I pursued a Master’s degree in Social Work because it was my mission to help people. This career path helped me fill my toolbox with strong communication skills, the ability to both listen and hear people, empathy and understanding. After starting a family 16 years ago, I decided to take these tools and pursue a new path. Helping people was always a calling, but organizing was a gift! Not only did I have a knack for turning any mess into a masterpiece, I absolutely LOVED the process. This is how my story at California Closets began. Working as a Closet Designer for a premier brand gives me the confidence to knock on every customer’s door (or buzz their video doorbell) knowing I can provide 5 star service. Starting with a sophisticated 3D design, to offering top quality materials in a modern palette, installed by professionals with 20+ years of experience, all backed by unparalleled customer service. Transforming a messy master closet into a neat space where everything has a place will bring you not only peace, but joy! An organized space equals a clear mind!