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Rebecca Bushner Designer | California Closets

Rebecca Bushner

Design Consultant

My background is in manufacturing and product design and I owned my own color marketing business for several years. After working for the local remodeling association chapter for more than five years, a remodeling contractor as well as an interior designer, I decided to choose a career that combines exceptional design, creativity, and customer service. I love helping people organize their stuff and create beautiful spaces. My favorite part of this job is to see the final product installed in the client’s home and the thrilled look on their face when they realize they have an organized space that they don’t have to think about anymore. Their life was just changed forever in the best possible way. California Closets is such an amazing organization and I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful family-owned company. I’m constantly learning from each client, and I look forward to collaborating with you on your next space-saving project.