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Susan Medaglia, Westchester, Rockland, NY, California Closets

Susan Medaglia

Design Consultant

Being organized is something that we all strive for in most areas of our life. Whether it’s the children’s school supplies, the home office, our professional life or our closets. I find that keeping order is difficult for many people because it’s a moving target. Things are always coming in and usually not going out. This creates an overload of stuff that we just don’t know what to do with. I help my customers to understand how to manage their stuff while designing their new space. At California Closets I have the benefit of helping you in many areas of your home. Whatever the space is that we’re working on, I will help you to precisely plan for today’s needs while keeping in mind that it will evolve over time and we plan accordingly. I assure you that when you work with me, you’ll enjoy your new space now and for years to come. I have been an interior designer and home organizer for over fifteen years and I’ve worked in many areas of the design industry. I knew that I found my calling when I began working at California Closets because they understand the business, they’re client focused and they give me the tools needed to help my customers see their new space in 3D and price it on the spot. I can’t think of a better way to show you that we’re the best company to use for your projects. Contact me now for your best experience.