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Tatiana DeMoraes, Design Consultant | California Closets

Tatiana DeMoraes

Design Consultant

Having spent 10 years in New York City where I had no more than 400 square feet to fit my life, I became an expert at maximizing small spaces. After a decade in the corporate real estate industry, I sold all of my belongings except my pillow collection and moved out west. The result: a New York City work ethic combined with the relaxed Rocky Mountain approach. I am a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design and I love to inspire others to live happier lives by creating more organized, functional surroundings. The number one element I incorporate into my design process is fun! I believe that designing your dream space should be fun, as should your life. Fun facts: A) My Passport book was so full, Swiss customs almost denied me entrance. B) I manage a foodie Instagram account as I'm known for my appetite. C) I'm an avid skier, 5 countries and counting! “Life can be chaotic, but your home doesn’t have to be.” Received award for 2018 Colorado Rookie Designer of the Year