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Theresa Ferrari VA153 Richmond VA California Closets Design Consultant

Theresa Ferrari

Design Consultant

Here's a secret, when I first joined California Closets after relocating to California, I feared closets would be boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Organizational design opened my eyes to the impacts functionality and flow can have on a client’s life. Now, after relocating to Virginia to be closer to family, I am continuing my passion with the Richmond design team. As a designer, I love that it feels like I’m solving a puzzle each time I walk into a new space. Merging my client’s style with optimized functionality is a challenge I readily accept. The right design solution transforms the way a client lives, and there is nothing better than being a part of that journey. At California Closets, we have the products, tools, and training to design for any budget. I have designed a closet for as little as $800 and as expensive as $140,000. Both clients were equally happy with the result because the designs were created specifically for them. Their custom solution made their lives easier and more efficient, and I strive to deliver that for every single client.