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Virginia VanCamp California Closets Virginia Beach Virginia Design Consultant

Virginia VanCamp

Design Consultant

I joined California Closets in October 2023 as a Customer Liaison and now I am a designer. My background in customer service and sales, coupled with an Associate's degree in interior design and LEED GA certification, has fueled my passion for creating organized and functional spaces. For me, success means crafting spaces that promote well-being and aesthetics. I stay current with trends through social media, design podcasts, and magazines, infusing my own concepts and approaches. Motivated, trustworthy, focused, creative, and generous describe me best. By continuously seeking inspiration and knowledge from diverse sources, I ensure that my design style remains fresh, innovative, and tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client. Born in Naples, Italy, and raised in Norfolk, VA, I enjoy yoga, nature, family time, and creative pursuits. I love how California Closets is an inviting and supportive environment, where everyone is ready to help.