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William Sedlar California Closets OR019 Portland Executive Sales and Design Consultant

William Sedlar

Executive Sales & Design Consultant

What do you love about California Closets? A company with a heart; great leadership, vision, support and teamwork. A super supportive learning environment. What piece of advice would you give someone who is trying to organize their home or business? Purge first. Do all of your cleaning and donations first so you can get down to what is essential for your designs. Then think about the flow of your activities and get a clear picture of what does and doesn’t work for you. What is something in Portland/Oregon that you couldn’t live without? KMHD radio. Jazz is the sound track to my life. Adventurous, creative, beautiful, soaring, peaceful, hip. So many moods, shades and hues. What has been your favorite trip or vacation? A trip to the coast to stay on the beach in Yachats, playing ukulele with my buddies, hiking up to Cape Perpetua to whale watch, playing Viking chess as the sun sets, staring into the campfire, an outdoor hot tub to watch stars, then off to bed to dream about breakfast.