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California Closets Louisville & Lexington

A pioneer in custom furniture and storage solutions for northern Kentucky for more than 27 years, California Closets Central Louisville & Lexington has extensive experience with innovative design and use of space. Serving the Greater Louisville & Lexington area, as well as some cities in Southern Indiana such as Jeffersonville, the team at this location will work with you to meet your desired functions, aesthetic and budget. Whether you have an older Southern-style home in which you need to maximize space in small closets, or a modern condo that needs a guest space and home office in one to make the most out of your extra bedroom, the team at California Closets Louisville & Lexington is expert in not only designing the perfect customized storage solution for your home, but also making it come to life.

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From an initial conversation through design and installation, our expert design consultants will guide you through the California Closets process and collaborate with you every step of the way. They are committed to serving you and believe that exceptional design can help us all live more organized and happy lives.

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Join us in our mission to design better lives through custom storage solutions and organization. At California Closets, we pride ourselves on being an outstanding employer that offers excellent benefits, competitive salaries, and professional development.

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Throughout our more than 40 years as the leader in custom storage, we’ve worked as a trusted partner on thousands of projects with some of the most talented home professionals. To collaborate on your next project, join our Trade Partnership Program today.