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Abbe Miller

Abbe Miller

Design Consultant & Interior Designer

When I work with customers, my goals are very straightforward: Create simple and effective organization solutions that make people happy. The key to a successful design consultation is listening. I enjoy meeting new customers and hearing what they have to say about their homes, their spaces, their lifestyles, and their aspirations in order to blend all of the elements together to create a storage solution that will fit perfectly. I have been with California Closets for over a decade and I use all of my experience and expertise every day. Each home is different, which makes each solution different, mandating that I stay flexible and use all of our available materials and design tools to craft a system that will delight the customer. I believe our Classic line is incredibly effective in most cases, but if a customer’s needs and desires dictate, there’s no reason we can’t get a little fancier. I look forward to working with you.