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Audrey Sweet

Design Consultant

Design has always been a part of my life - from children’s apparel, bedding, accessories and now custom home storage! - I enjoy figuring out the best solution to a problem or felt need. My years of design experience allows me to use my creative skills to create beautiful, one of a kind storage solutions for every part of your home. I can help you to create a multitude of storage needs from closets and home offices to pantries and wall beds, all while complimenting your unique home interior style. I enjoy meeting new clients and learning about which areas of your home we can collaborate on to come up with a storage solution that will help you stay organized in your daily life and free up your time for the things that matter most. If you have never designed and installed custom storage in your home before you will be amazed at how life changing it can be! When there’s a place for all your things it helps you reduce clutter, not only literally but figuratively too! No matter which area of your home could need some help I am here to listen to you and whether you have a vision of what you want or need me to create one, together, we can design a well thought out space to fit your needs.