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Bonnie Oliver

Design Consultant

With more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Aviation, I have worked with many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 customers, and the key to success as a Corporate Flight Attendant is terrific organization skills, attention to detail, and flexibility. These qualities have carried over into my career as a Design Consultant with California Closets. As in the aviation industry, the closet industry relies on these same principles. The key to success is organization and maintaining it. I am passionate about organizing and designing and have witnessed firsthand how the value of optimizing your space can add to the quality of your life. Good design saves time, helps maintain the organization, and creates a “visual peace.” You will know you have a good design when you use it. As your design consultant, I will work closely with you to clearly define your goals, take inventory of items and learn about your style. We will then collaborate and create a functional and beautiful space that you will love for years to come. I like to think of my client’s spaces as a puzzle; when you work together to define all the pieces, you can then work on putting them back together purposely. I look forward to sharing The California Closets Experience with you. “For every minute of organizing, an hour is earned.” -- Anonymous