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Elizabeth Bellinetti California Closets GA148 Atlanta Senior Design Consultant

Elizabeth Bellinetti

Senior Design Consultant

I am an experienced Senior Designer with California Closets who understands the magnitude and importance of a well-organized space in your home. Designing better lives is my expertise and my passion. Every space is different, every family is different, every need is different. I possess the ability to learn about your space, your family and your needs and use that knowledge to create a design solution that will make a world of a difference in your everyday life. I am here to listen to you, to respect you and to help you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy on my clients faces when they see what I can do within their budget to enhance their quality of life. As a mother of two little girls, a spouse, a sister, an aunt and friend to many- I am very well rounded and equipped to work with different types of lifestyles and the needs of all kinds of individuals. My favorite part about working at California Closets is that I get to meet so many incredible people on a daily basis who each have their own storage problems that I get to solve. Our 3D CAD software and vast assortment of materials excite me every day and I love sharing this with my customers. I look forward to working with you!