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Gina Varchetto I California Closets

Gina Varchetto

Design Consultant

I truly believe that life is meant to be lived: this belief is what brought me to California Closets, a company that gives me a chance to help make houses into homes. Through my thirteen years in real estate and construction, I found immense personal value and pride in understanding the specific tastes and needs of my clients, and then helping bring their vision to life. Originally from Chicago, I was a singer at Walt Disney World for 16 years. My responsibility there to remember that every show was someone’s first. I was helping them experience the art that they loved, and it required excellence each and every time. I fell in love with this task, which is now a cornerstone of my approach to customer service. In working with me, you can expect the diligence of a perfectionist who understands that you, the client, define idea of beauty, and your home should fit your specific needs in every way. I have the experience to assist, the desire to help, and thanks to California Closets, the resources to make your dream space a reality.