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Jacob Tortorella I California Closets

Jacob Tortorella

Design Consultant

As I recall some of my earliest childhood memories, I can credit my mom for instilling the importance of being highly organized. Now as an adult I fully understand the impact being disorganized can have on the everyday flow of life. My day-to-day motto is "everything has a number, and every number has a place." I moved to Atlanta three years ago from Austin, TX and upon moving here my best college girlfriend happened to be starting up a professional closet organizing business and was in need of an extra set of hands (and eyes) tackling the jobs that were coming her way. Up until this point I had been working in the hotel/hospitality industry and although I loved being able to work with people and create and share memorable moments , I knew I ultimately wanted to do something that allowed me to express my creative side a bit more. After about a year of working with my friend doing organizing jobs, I recognized that I truly loved the process of being able to collaborate and create beautiful functional residential and commercial spaces for clients. This of course led me to the realization that I have always loved designing and it was certainly something I could do as a career, and feel incredibly fulfilled. I truly have an eye for detail that flows naturally from within. When I am designing a space for a client, I take the approach of making it equal parts beautiful and functional. I find myself constantly day dreaming up design ideas and I am super excited to be able to collaborate with clients and bring it all to life! When I am not designing my clients dream closets, I enjoy spending time with my two pups, working on art projects, or hitting the gym.