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Joni Lorber

Design Consultant

From a background in interior design and many years in bed, bath and kitchen remodelling, I admire the organizational solutions and design flexibility offered by California Closets. After several years of designing with California Closets in the Bay Area, I love the diversity not only of the closets I design but of the people who’s homes are my office and canvas. My passion is first listening to and understanding the needs of my clients, then working together with them to create a vision in reality. There is nothing more rewarding than a message of delight after a successful new installation. Post study of interior design I spent many years in and around residential home construction and remodelling. I worked primarily with the design of luxurious bath, kitchen, and bedroom renovations. The projects were generally expensive, high pressure, and very rewarding. As the trends in design shifted over the years I continually found myself drawn towards simple and open-space design. When our lives are filled with so much clutter, how can we expect to find peace in our minds? I found in many of the principles of Feng Shu the balance between beauty and design that I had been moving toward. I bring this with me to each consultation and I truly believe that improving the spaces in which we live improves our lives. I look forward to many more years of designing with California Closets.