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Kariann Sinko, Design Consultant | California Closets

Kariann Sinko

Design Consultant

Even though I don’t have a half a dozen throw pillows meticulously arranged on my bed I’ll be the first to help straighten and fluff because I TOTALLY “get it”. Where some people may think if “no one” is going to see something what’s the point?! I say they’ve forgotten about the ONE “someone” who matters the MOST. ME! (or in your case, that’s YOU!). When I walk into ANY space that “first look” is CRUCIAL! It’s more than just wanting things to look nice or pretty. For me it’s a FEELING… a moment of “Aaaah!”. And I believe it sets up the entire energy of how I will experience that space, regardless of what it contains, what I’m doing or how long I’m there. Having things neat and orderly not only means I’m better able to access them, but it’s also a way that I get to THANK myself for the hard work I put into attaining them. This is why after nearly 25 years of Luxury Retail Sales, Media Promotions, and Marketing I decided to begin a brand new career as a Design Consultant with California Closets. I don’t think of it as “reinventing” myself, but rather honoring my own values through my work and celebrating and refining the natural gifts and talents that I feel blessed to have been born with. My goal is to help others experience countless moments of Zen in their own homes, and my hope is that in doing so TOGETHER we will make EVERY nook, cranny and corner of our amazing World ever more peaceful, productive and of course lovely.