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Tanya Hrudka, Design Consultant I California Closets

Tanya Hrudka

Design Consultant

I am a self-proclaimed design addict. I bring over 10 years of interior design experience and a lifetime of OCD-like organizational tendencies to California Closets. My passion for interior design is innate, palpable, and evident in most everything that I do. It is my personal belief that an organized, well-designed space allows for an uncluttered mind and peaceful existence. My own design aesthetic is one that unites beauty with functionality. I am a perfectionist by nature and work tirelessly to ensure a space not only meets needs, but also inspires daily living. I believe in timeless design that will evolve as lifestyles and tastes change. My ambition is to create a space that is highly reflective of those that are enjoying that space. Consequently, it is my attention to detail that ultimately transforms a room into an experience.