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Elyse Santoro, Design Consultant | California Closets

Elyse Santoro

Design Consultant

I have always had a passion and a need for organization in my life. I truly enjoy helping others achieve a sense of serenity through finding the right storage solutions to fit ones own personal lifestyle. My focus is to make you feel comfortable and to answer all questions that you have about your specific situations. My goal is to simplify your life. I will spend time to ensure superior designs, client services, and excellence. What may appear to be a daunting project for you, will be shifted to me and the California Closets team. I love the joy and excitement in my customer's voice after their installation is complete. When they refer their friends and family, then I know that I have really made a difference in their lives. I genuinely believe I have a fantastic job, working for the best company in the industry, and enthusiastically look forward to working with you. Your satisfaction is the greatest moment of any day for me... I guess you can say that I'm saving the world one closet at a time!