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JT Morin California Closets TN182 Nashville Design Consultant

JT Morin

Design Consultant

In my years as an interior designer from Southern California, I’ve tackled large and small projects across the country, but nothing is better than striking that “Wow!” factor. It’s that moment when the days of hard work and collaboration are over and you get to live your best life in your own home. I, myself, get to do that every day with California Closets. I’m such a firm believer in the power your space can have on the trajectory of your life – whether it’s walking by a small piece of art every morning that makes you feel good, or stepping into a beautifully organized space that intentionally sets the mood for your day. Organization runs parallel to harmony, so hop in my truck on this two lane highway because I’m going to help get you there. I love being at the lake with my family, my two pups – Tom and Dax, floating around, surfing some wake and catching some rays.