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Mary Cool, Design Consultant | California Closets

Mary Cool

Design Consultant

Meet Mary B Cool I am Mary Cool and I am your California Closets designer. At California Closets we create design and storage solutions ... We solve problems and we make people happy. When we meet for your free consultation-- I will first listen and then measure and design your media center, garage, pantry, laundry, office or of course closet. I will work with you to create a unique design for your project using the California Closets broad portfolio of materials ... We offer a selection which includes state of the art green material from Italy (this meets the very strict European standards), cherry wood (in many stains) and 10 styles of high performance laminates. We call this the California Closets Experience. It is productive and enjoyable. Simplifying, organizing and creating order give you serenity and peace. This is why our clients are best advertisements. Recently one of my clients in Cumberland RI told me, Mary, I have done my kitchen and my bathrooms but I am enjoying my new closet most of all. When I wake up in the morning and go into the closet and see everything neatly arranged by use and so accessible ... I feel that I am ahead before I start the day. I just can't believe that it's my closet.... If I had only known, I would have has this done years ago! So I invite you to call me so that we can discuss your spatial challenges. California Closets has mastered tight spaces, HVAC ducts, sloping ceilings, and special needs. You will love your California Closets experience. I look forward to seeing you in your home and designing your perfect space. BACKGROUND I come to California Closets from a diverse design background. I began my career as a buyer for various department stores. I designed, sourced and bought home products for May Co and Filenes (unfortunately these companies are now only a memory). My next step was to take these skills to a broader market and sell products that I sourced to many retailers across the country. My secret love while pursuing my career was home design, construction and remodeling. I was a serial remodeler. I also designed for friends and family. That and the fact that my career was based on decorating, color, home fashion and design made my move to California Closets a natural progression. I love working with space, solving my client's problems and making them happy. I tell everyone that I am saving the world one closet at a time. I love working with California Closets because they represent the quality, fashion, integrity, and customer service that I so strongly believe in.